Here’s My Story

Alejandro Russo

My name is Alejandro Russo, and I’ve been helping men gain confidence for years now.

Grooming is a personal thing. Well, it used to be a personal thing, but it’s important, and should never be viewed as a taboo.

When I began taking the time to groom and provide self-care, my world changed for the better.

In high school, I had confidence issues being a first-generation child in America, but also because I had more chest hair than a 47-year-old divorcee that lives in a McDonald’s. It was insane.

It killed my confidence. I made the mistake of trying to groom it without knowing full-well what I was doing, and all I’ll say is that the next few weeks were itchy.

I didn’t know what I was doing, but I knew that I didn’t like it.

After a while, I had the right practice down, and the confidence boost was intense.

It led to me shaking off my social anxiety and going into the gym for the first time, which led to being far more confident with members of my sexual preference.

It all started with self-care. I had personal feelings attached to this matter, and decided to make Odd Fellow Co. to teach you and show you how to make a change.

We’re all odd fellows here, but with some guidance, recommendations on good grooming products, confidence can be in your grasp.