Best Electric Shaver Under 50 Dollars

Best Electric Shaver Under 50 Dollars 2

Looking for the Best Electric Shaver Under 50 Dollars? Here is our top pick:

The Original Marble Shaving Soap Bowl by Beau Brummell | Handmade from 100% Natural Marble with Interior Grooves for Maximum Lather | Heat Retaining Stone Provides a Luxurious Hot Shave Experience
  • SOLID WHITE MARBLE: Handcrafted from a solid block of natural white marble stone. Features horizontally cut grooves on the bowls interior to help better whip shaving cream or soap into a dense lather.
  • NATURALLY HEAT RETAINING: Run your shaving bowl under hot water for 1 minute to heat up the natural stone. Bowl will naturally retain the heat and warm up your shaving lather for a more comfortable shave.
  • SIZE DONE RIGHT: Bowl is just the right size, It is large enough to use any shaving brush to easily work up a rich, thick, luxurious lather yet small enough to fit comfortably in your hand. 4.5-inch diameter, 2.5-inch height, 0.27-inch wall thickness, 2.5-inch base diameter, 1.3-pound weight.
  • BEST QUALITY: A truly high-quality bowl, made of a solid block of heavy white marble Crafted of white marble, this shaving bowl is as much about the look as it is about utility.
  • BEAU BRUMMELL FOR MEN creates expertly formulated men’s skincare and grooming products. We pride ourselves on the quality and ingredients of our moisturizer to ensure our customers receive the best we have to offer and real benefits for all skin types. Featured in GQ, Glamour, Men's Journal, Primer Magazine, and more.

The use of electric razors has become a popular trend, and we realize this only when we look at it closely. There are more reasons than one to go with an electric shaver than the traditional wet shave. Shaving can be an expensive business, and it is better to have reasonable options in handy. 

Who doesn’t want a relaxing shaving machine after all, without spending much on the products? One must think that these products only come at a very high cost for the quality of experience.

However, the fact is that there are electric shavers that are priced reasonably and still deliver the same experience. 


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Best Overall
SweetLF 3D Rechargeable Waterproof IPX7 Electric Shaver Wet & Dry Rotary Shavers for Men Electric Shaving Razors with Pop-up Trimmer, Blue
Best Budget
Braun MobileShave M-90 Travel Shaver Silver (Precision Trimmer, Smart Foil, Wide Floating Foil, Washable)
SweetLF 3D Rechargeable Waterproof IPX7 Electric Shaver Wet & Dry Rotary Shavers for Men Electric Shaving Razors with Pop-up Trimmer, Blue
Braun MobileShave M-90 Travel Shaver Silver (Precision Trimmer, Smart Foil, Wide Floating Foil, Washable)
Best Overall
SweetLF 3D Rechargeable Waterproof IPX7 Electric Shaver Wet & Dry Rotary Shavers for Men Electric Shaving Razors with Pop-up Trimmer, Blue
SweetLF 3D Rechargeable Waterproof IPX7 Electric Shaver Wet & Dry Rotary Shavers for Men Electric Shaving Razors with Pop-up Trimmer, Blue
Best Budget
Braun MobileShave M-90 Travel Shaver Silver (Precision Trimmer, Smart Foil, Wide Floating Foil, Washable)
Braun MobileShave M-90 Travel Shaver Silver (Precision Trimmer, Smart Foil, Wide Floating Foil, Washable)

Best Electric Shaver Under 50 Dollars and How to Buy It

The following comprehensive guide is for you to understand the best product for your skin and easy on your pocket. The next study is based upon references, features, and research from various authentic sources. 

Put your worries to rest while bringing you some of the best and the most effective products to support your skin wellness and hygiene. You will have an unimaginably smooth shave and not even for a considerable amount of money. 

You just have to be patient and study each product closely enough to come to a meaningful decision. Reasons you must use an electric shaver are shared below:

  • Protects sensitive skin
  • Time-saving 
  • Fulfills varied grooming needs
  • It doesn’t cause cuts or injuries no matter where you run it on the body.

Top Picks for Best Electric Shaver Under 50 Dollars

1. Sweetlf 3D Rechargeable Shaver | Overall Best

SweetLF 3D Rechargeable Waterproof IPX7 Electric Shaver Wet & Dry Rotary Shavers for Men Electric Shaving Razors with Pop-up Trimmer, Blue
  • USB QUICK-CHARGING & LED DISPLAY- Enjoy up to about 120 minutes of shaving (or approximately 30 full shaves). The shaver only requires 1 hour to charge and is very convenient for your daily and for travel. There is also a visible 5 level battery remaining indicator guage on the razor so you can quickly see exactly how much power you have left before needing to charge
  • A SMOOTH AND CLOSE SHAVE - With 4-direction floating heads, the 3D rotary shaver automatically adapts to the contours of the face, neck and even the jaw, and provides a comfortable and close shave everytime
  • POP-UP TRIMMER & ONE TOUCH OPEN - Skin-friendly and convenient pop-up beard trimmer easily trims sideburns, moustache and any facial hairstyle. It also features an easy one-touch open tab to quickly trim unwanted facial hair
  • WET AND DRY & FULL WATERPROOF – The IPX7 body is waterproof and allows you to use the electric shaver whether wet or dry including even in the shower. It easily adapts to either shaving foam or gel for a better and closer shaving experience
  • QUIET HIGH SPEED MOTOR – The premium quality motor is not only efficient but quiet as well so you can enjoy every moment shaving

This Sweetlf is precisely what you were looking for if you always wanted to achieve a smooth and close shave experience. You can enjoy up to 120 minutes of smooth shaving; your shaver only needs 1 hour of charge, and it is excellent to use for everyday and common purpose. 

It has a pop-up beard trimmer that allows for trimming of mustache and sideburns. Its body is waterproof and will enable you to use the shaver even in the shower. It has a high-speed motor which is both efficient and quiet so you can enjoy the shave in peace. 

It is designed in a way that it adapts itself to the contours of your face, neck, and jaw for a clean and close shave. 

  • Versatile in function
  • Waterproof
  • Convenient USB Charging
  • LED Display
  • Don’t charge overly

SweetLF 3D Rechargeable Shaver

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2.  | Pivot and Flex Foil Technology

This product is primarily and most thoughtfully designed for its users. has an Intercept shaving technology, which is meant to pre trim long hair. Its pop-up detail trimmer and rechargeable battery make it much desirable for users. Its pivot and flex foil technology ensures that the shaver head can be adjusted to maintain close contact around the jawline, chin, and neck; the flexible foils are for close shaving.

You will even get a rechargeable battery which will deliver 60 minutes of cordless runtime, can you believe that! This brand is known to combine technology and power to create an excellent experience for its users. This is the product you must have, don’t give it another thought, go ahead and buy! 

  • Easy maintenance
  • Latest technology used
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery.
  • Don’t overcharge, and it might spoil the battery.

Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

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3. Braun Mobileshave M-90 | Travel Shaver

This Braun would be precisely the one you needed if you were ever looking for a dynamic shaving tool. Its design has a smooth black and silver finishing on the outer body. It has a precision trimmer that you wouldn’t have to worry about exercising, as you can easily handle it because of its simple built. 

This shaving tool is designed with smart foil and wide floating foil technology, which are great for delivering a smooth shaving experience to users. With a shaver like this, you can effectively clean the area on the body you want.

This Braun shaving model is more effective than you realize. Its readily available batteries are like a plus for users; no one wants to go running to find a battery for their shaver from store to store. Just shave on the go! 

  • Lightweight and small
  • Batteries available easily
  • Ideal travel companion
  • Not very fast

Braun MobileShave M-90

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4. Remington PG6171 The Crafter | Detail Kit

Remington PG6171 The Crafter - Beard Boss Style and Detail Kit, Beard Trimmer, Grooming Set, Platinum, 11 Pieces
  • 11 piece kit has self-sharpening stainless steel cutting blades so you can manage all of your facial trimming needs
  • 3 hour runtime-the power of lithium delivers long lasting, consistent, high performance cordless cutting for the duration of the runtime
  • 5-minute quick charge saves you time in a pinch, providing power for one full shave
  • 100% Waterproof- you can trim up in the shower if that's your style, plus, its incredibly easy to clean
  • Easy to Clean - Use the included brush to clear away hair, then rinse the blades under running water for quick cleanup

This The Crafter by Remington is an 11-piece kit, which includes self-sharpening stainless steel cutting blades to fulfill your facial hair trimming needs. It comes with a 3-hour runtime, can you believe it? Its high performance and consistent nature ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction. 

Five minutes of quick charge, and you can enjoy one full shave in peace. With the help of its waterproof technology, you can even trim in the shower, so there is no hassle even to clean water. It’s both simple to handle and easy to clean. 

Extended neck, adjustable comb, and detail trimmer are among its many physical features, buy it, and experience for yourself. 

  • 3 hours of smooth runtime
  • Easy cleaning and handling
  • Waterproof
  • It doesn’t turn off immediately.

Remington PG6171 The Crafter

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5. Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Multigroom Series | For Head, Body, And Face Use

Philips Norelco Multigroomer All-in-One Trimmer Series 7000, 23 Piece Mens Grooming Kit, Trimmer for Beard, Head, Body, and Face, NO Blade Oil Needed, MG7750/49
  • The all in 1 trimmer for your choice of beard, head, body, and/or face hair styling with 23 pieces for all your trimming needs
  • The DualCut technology offers maximum precision and includes 2x more self sharpening blades that last up to 5 years
  • To deliver maximum torque and power, the all in 1 trimmer includes a full metal motor and a drive train that's been reinforced with tempered steel
  • Our unique cutting guards are reinforced with ultra strong fiberglass material to prevent bending and buckling, ensuring an even trim every time
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery delivers up to 5 hours of run time per charge

This Philips by Philips is like the all-in-one trimmer you have always wanted to own. You can create your beard style and even do hairstyling with the 23 pieces in this package. 

It comes with a built-in DualCut technology that offers excellent precision and has two times more self-sharpening blades. The unique cutting guards it has, are supported with ultra-strong fiberglass material to prevent bending so that you can enjoy a smooth trim. 

  • Rechargeable battery delivers 5 hours of runtime.
  • DualCut technology
  • Versatile tool
  • Not ideal for travel

Philips Norelco MG775049 Multigroom Series

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If we were to recommend an ideal electric razor, it would be none other than SweetLF 3D Rechargeable Shaver. We guarantee you it’s the Best Electric Shaver for under 50 dollars. Bring this one versatile tool home, find out all about its brilliant functionality, and experience a smooth shave. 

Bestseller No. 1
Philips Norelco Shaver 2300 Rechargeable Electric Shaver with PopUp Trimmer, Black, 1 Count, S1211/81
  • ComfortCut Blades, get a clean shave that's comfortable on your skin. Rounded blade caps shield 27 self-sharpening blades to gently cut hair just above skin level and help the shaver glide smoothly over your skin
  • Experience a convenient, clean shave with heads that flex and float in 4 directions. The head adjusts to the curves of your face, ensuring smooth contact with your skin without a lot of pressure. 4D Flex Heads follow your face's contours for a clean shave
  • Pop-up trimmer for mustache and sideburns. Finish your look with the built-in trimmer. Ideal for maintaining your mustache and trimming your sideburns.
  • One-touch open for easy cleaning. Experience a convenient clean shave with heads that flex and float in 4 directions. The head adjusts to the curves of your face, ensuring smooth contact with your skin without a lot of pressure.
  • 40 minutes of cordless shaving from an 8-hour charge - that's about 13 shaves. Or plug it in for instant, continuous power.
Bestseller No. 2
Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver, Frustration Free Packaging, QP2520/90
  • Rechargeable OneBlade can trim, edge, and shave any length of hair.
  • Trim it down - click on combs for a fast and even trim in all the right places
  • Edge it up - dual-sided blade for precise edging to line up your style easier than ever before
  • Shave it off - fast moving cutter to shave long hair, but not too close so your skin stays comfortable
  • Replaceable OneBlade lasts up to 4 months. (For best shaving experience. Based on 2 full shaves per week. Actual results may vary.)
SaleBestseller No. 3
Panasonic Close Curves Electric Razor for Women, Cordless 3-Blade Shaver with Pop-Up Trimmer, Wet Dry Operation - ES-WL60-G (Mint)
  • A Safe and Gentle Electric Razor for Women: Experience easy, curve hugging, smooth shaving in a reusable and rechargeable design that minimizes skin irritation and reduces disposable razor waste
  • A Fast, Close Shave: Shave quickly and smoothly with 3 ultra-sharp floating blades and dual ultra-thin outer foils; use an easy back-and-forth motion to quickly cover larger areas of your body
  • Detailed, Gentle Shaving, and Trimming Too: Hypoallergenic stainless steel blades help prevent irritation and razor bumps on sensitive skin; pop-up trimmer ensures close, safe grooming of sensitive areas
  • Waterproof for Use Wet or Dry: Shave in or out of the shower with a comfortable, shaver design that handles with ease, even with wet hands
  • All the Grooming and Travel Accessories You Need: Included travel cap and pouch makes it easy to shave on-the-go; Cordless charging stand provides up to 35 minutes of use on a single charge
SaleBestseller No. 4
Mens Electric Razor for Men Electric Shavers for Men Electric Razors for Men Face Shaver for Mens Rechargeable Razors for Shaving Electric Cordless Men's Electric Shaver Waterproof Wet Dry by PRITECH
  • ✔✔【 MULTI-FUNCTIONAL MENS ELECTRIC RAZORS】:3 in 1 electric razor for men equipped three detachable heads. Including mens shavers electric , nose trimmer and sideburns. The 4D electric shavers for men automatically adapts to the contours of your face, neck, and jaw.
  • ✔✔【FOUR LED INDICATORS】: mens electric razor (1) Numeric indicator displays (2) The charging icon lights on while plug in.(3) Tap sign reminds you to wash the shaver;(4)Travel lock (press and hold the POWER button for three seconds)
  • ✔✔【100%WATERPROOF】: Face shaver for men is washable, and use it wet or dry, shaving with soap or cream will gain better shaving results. For easy cleaning, you can rinse the mens razor electric under the tap.
  • ✔✔【USB FAST RECHARGEABLE 】: electric razors for men shaving and trimming up to about 120 minutes using time by only about 1-hour charging. High performance can be achieved anywhere. The electric razor men is perfect for traveling.(USB plug adapter is included with product).
  • ✔✔【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】: Your satisfaction and comfort are our passion! If you don't love our PRITECH men's rotary shavers for any reason, Just contact us if you are not satisfied and we will offer 100% satisfaction sulotion for you. ADD TO CART NOW!
SaleBestseller No. 5
Electric Shaver for Women Best Electric Razor for Womens Bikini Legs Underarm Public Hairs Rechargeable Trimmer with Detachable Head Cordless Wet Dry Use
  • 【Upgraded Design- Detachable & Washable Shaving Head】Compared with other womens electric razors, the shaving head of Krovena electric Brazilian shaver is detachable. Just simply press the detachable button and pull the shaving head out, then you can clean shaving head easily and safely. 【NOTE:】We don’t provide blades as replacement because we PROVIDE shaving heads as replacement. And you can find the shaving head in our store.
  • 【Electricity Visibility】The visible digital display screen of electric flawless legs shaver shows the exact electricity capacity and fully charged only cost 1.5H. 1 full time charge allows you to use 20-30times(Half or whole month). 【NOTE:】Please USE 5V1A adapter to charge the shaver. Fast charging devices will damage circuit board and make shaver can’t work after being charged. The electric vigina razor can be charged with computer, 5V1A adapter, power bank or car charger.
  • 【Flawless Legs & Bikini Line】Women's Bikini Trimmers exclusively adopts 3 high-performance high-speed razor-sharp, 3D floating foil, and hypo-allergenic stainless steel blades, it helps customize hair shaving on your arms, legs, body, armpits, and bikini lines, vagina in minutes without any residue, pain or irritation, even fit for sensitive skin.
  • 【Safe Dry & Wet Use with IPX7 Waterproof】Women razors for shaving is washable and cleaned in water under running water. IPX7 waterproof makes the electric trimmer convenient and safe to use even in a bath or shower.
  • 【Multifunctional Blade & Built-in LED Light】The electric flawless hair remover efficiently removes the hair around your whole body with 3 in 1 high-speed and sharp blades. The straight blade works on the arms & legs, and the curved blade use for under underarms and bikini area. Floating foil fits for short hair and residues anywhere. The built-in LED light automatically turns on once the shaver begins to operate, providing the best shaving experience.
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