Best Safety Razor Blades for Beginner 2021

Best Safety Razor Blades for Beginner 2021 2

Looking for the Best Safety Razor Blades for Beginner?

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Shaving your beard is an art and a skill. You have to practice it regularly to excel in the skill. But apart from learning this skill, you also need to have a proper tool for your shaving purpose.

In today’s world of different razor options, one option that defeats all is the straight razor. If you do not yet know the results offered by a straight razor, you should surely check out the best safety razor blades for a beginner


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Selecting the Best Safety Razor Blades for Beginner

If you are looking for a perfect straight razor, there can be again several options. You can follow these factors to select the best safety razor blades for a beginner

The Type of Blade

The first thing that you need to select is the type of blade. There are several options, such as French, Square, and Round, among which you can select the right one that suits you. 

The Width of Blade

The next thing that you should check is the width of the blade. Ideally, a blade with a smaller width is most suitable for beginners. 

The Model of Blade

You can choose from the vintage blade models and the modern blade models. The vintage models are much cheaper, but the modern models come with several extra features.  

The Features

Apart from selecting the type, width, and model of the blade, it is also crucial to check its features. You should check out some important features, such as the blade’s temper, design, and grind. 

Options in the Best Safety Razor Blades for Beginner

1. [amazon link=” B01D8SFFVO” title=” Parker SRX Straight Edge Barber Razor” /] | Best Safety Razor Blade for Beginner

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[amazon link=” B01D8SFFVO” title=” Parker ” /] is best known for professionals, but also it is one of the best safety razor blades for a beginner. It comes along with the brand guarantee of Parker and also has several other features.

  • The razor is 100% stainless steel to offer durability.
  • It has a rounded blade type to offer a comfortable shaving experience.
  • The clip holder of the blade ensures that you can insert the blade with proper safety.
  • It glides through your skin quite efficiently to offer you a perfect shave each time. 
  • For some people, it may seem a bit heavy. 


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2. [amazon link=”B008CF6KMC” title=”Feather Black SS Folding Handle Razor” /] | Most Compatible Safety Razor Blade for Beginner

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[amazon link=”B008CF6KMC” title=”Feather Black” /] is another great option due to its amazing features to talk about. 

  • This razor has a body of Japanese stainless steel that is one of the cleanest materials for a razor blade.
  • The resin handle offers a fantastic control and grip to a smoother shave.
  • You can change the blades quite efficiently and fast.
  • It is compatible with different club razor blades. 
  • It is a bit expensive than many other razor options available.


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3. [amazon link=” B000Q85OHK” title=” DOVO Straight Razor Carbon” /] | Most Stylish Safety Razor Blade for Beginner

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[amazon link=” B000Q85OHK” title=” DOVO ” /] is for those who are also searching for a stylish look apart from the results. Along with great looks, it also offers several features that help in offering you a great shaving result each time. 

  • This is a lightweight razor blade so that you can handle it conveniently.
  • It comes with a round blade type for offering you a convenient and safe shave.
  • The body is of carbon steel that is durable and hard.
  • The excellent grip of the blade razor makes it a perfect piece for beginners. 
  • Due to its excellent look and features, this razor blade comes at a bit higher price.


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4. [amazon link=” B0118BJ0PA” title=”Equinox Professional Straight Edge Razor” /] | Most Budget-Friendly Safety Razor Blade for Beginner

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If you do not wish to spend much yet wish to get a perfect razor blade, [amazon link=” B0118BJ0PA” title=” Equinox ” /] is one of the options to go for. This budget-friendly safety razor blade comes with several features and also is not expensive.

  • This classic masterpiece is available at an affordable cost.
  • It has a stainless steel body for durability and ease of handling the blade.
  • The razor blade has an ergonomic design that offers you a great grip to have proper control over it while shaving.
  • You can change the blades quite conveniently, and this particular option is going to last for years.
  • As of now, there are no major cons for this razor blade at this price range. 


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5. [amazon link=” B0060QYUP4″ title=”Feather Black SS Japanese Straight Razor” /] | Most Convenient Safety Razor Blade for Beginner

[amazon box=”B0060QYUP4″]

If you are looking for a safe and convenient razor blade to start with, [amazon link=” B0060QYUP4″ title=” Feather” /] is the one that can be your choice. Most beginners like to get this option for its results as well as its convenience of usage. 

  • This razor blade is light in weight so that you can handle it quite conveniently.
  • The razor blade’s design is such that you can have a firmer grip and better control it.
  • The round edge of the blade offers a safer and comfortable shave each time.
  • The replacement of blades is also quite simple. 
  • Though this razor blade is a perfect piece for beginners, it is available at a much higher price. 


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Q1. What is the best Blade type for beginners?

Answer: For beginners, a round blade type is an ideal option as it is safe and comfortable while you are shaving. 

Q2. What special features can offer you a comfortable shave?

Answer: While searching for a razor blade for a comfortable shave, you should check out a lightweight option with a round blade and proper design to offer you better control while you are shaving. 


Today, there are many options available when you search for the best safety razor blades for beginners. You have to look out for the features to get the most suitable for your requirements. If we need to select the best option among the products in the above list, Parker SRX Straight Edge Barber Razor will be the winner. 

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