Better Beard: How Often Should You Wash Your Beard and How to Do It Right

how often should you wash your beard

Are you looking to get a better beard? Are you struggling with a dried out and ruffled beard? Well, if your answer to both is “yes”, you need to learn how to take care of it properly.

In essence, washing your beard daily can be bad for it, as well as making use of cleaning ingredients often as well. However, this is not true for all types of beards. 

That’s why in this article, we will cover everything you need to know to determine how often should you wash your beard. 

So whenever you’re ready to take your beard growth and cleanliness to the next level, keep reading.

Knowing When to Wash Is Knowing How Often Should You Wash Your Beard

Your beard is unique to who you are. From the style, length, texture, and skin type, the need to wash your beard will vary based on the kind of characteristics that persist in your circumstance. 

While many are lucky enough to wash their beard while showering, other people will have to wash their beards outside of showers to keep them growing well and feel/look clean throughout the day.

If your beard is product-infused or longer than a regular short beard, washing the face in the evening and morning is critical to ensuring a full and healthy beard. You won’t need to do too much, as a simple wash with a high-quality product will provide substantial moisture and remove excessive oils.

Splash some water on your face, wash the beard and rinse it out. Use warm water, hot water will irritate the skin and hair follicles. Ensure you have a towel and pay-dry your face and beard. Dirty pillows or towels will make particles get trapped in your beard. 

If you have a full and long beard, try adding beard conditioner during your styling and washing routine. Beard oils are a great way to keep your beard shiny, healthy, and strong. Not to mention, they can also make your beard smell great. 

There are some circumstances in which you might need to wash your beard more often or differently. Men that do sports and exercise often gather salt and oil from their sweat underneath and in their beard. If you live in a humid, cold climate, your beard will be affected as well. 

Considering the environmental and personal needs will ultimately determine what kind of routine you will need. Let’s get into some more specifics for beard washing.

Is Your Beard Short?

If your beard is short, you’re lucky in terms of washing. This is the only beard type that you can treat like head hair. You can use regular conditioner and shampoo on the beard. You can choose to wash it daily or every other day.

So why is this ok? Well, when the beard hairs are trimmed often, all damage to the hair will be cut off until it is noticed. This means your beard will consist of new and fresh hair.

The largest problem you will most likely come across with short beards is itchiness. The best solution to this problem is to brush the beard while showering. A high-quality brush will loosen the dead skin, making it easier to wash them away with water.

If itching persists, make use of a beard balm, which not only makes your beard softer but creates a healthy space for the facial skin to improve beard growth. Look for all-natural, premium beard balms.

Is Your Beard Long?

This is where things get a little bit more interesting. A longer beard requires greater maintenance. With longer beards, a daily routine of conditioner and shampoo will dry it out too much. You want to keep the oils intact.

Before you enter the shower, brush the beard with a brush. You want natural bristles, not those made of synthetics. Boar hair has been used for centuries, and it works great.

Much like a short beard, the brush will remove hairs that are about to fall out, and it will loosen the skin, which will make it significantly easier to wash the dead cells when washing the beard. 

After you’ve done this, you should take a shower. The most effective way to approach beard cleaning is to make use of a conditioner at least 3 times per week, and only shampoo once per week.

You can make use of a specialty shampoo, but anything oil-based will do the trick. If you’re only using it once a week, spending a bit more on a quality shampoo will not be a problem, because it will last longer. Look for oil-based conditioners as well.

If you were shampooing daily, you would remove too many essential oils from the beard, which means it will get brittle and dry. Definitely not something that your beard wants, especially if you’re trying to make it as attractive and kiss-friendly as possible.

With conditioning, you will be able to “clean” the beard daily. Make use of a beard balm, and keep your look clean between shampoos. There’s nothing really special about how to do this process, simply apply the washing ingredients, wait some time, then rinse out.

Do it thoroughly. There’s nothing worse than missing the shampoo, which will most likely lead to skin flaking the next day, resulting in an illusion of beardruff.

After the Shower

If you have shampooed your beard every day, your beard will feel off after you switch to a less-frequent approach. However, you will notice great benefits within 2 days. The beard will be easier to control, and it will be softer.

That’s because your skin produces natural oils. When these oils don’t get washed away, they will slowly spread through your beard. You don’t have to worry about your look, the beard will still smell, feel and look clean.

The pre-shower brushing is crucial, however. Regular brushing prevents itching and removes skin cells. In fact, soaps dry out your skin very much. To the surprise of many, the “less is more” approach will leave your beard cleaner than ever.

To finish off your regime and achieve the best results with your beard, you will want to apply small amounts of leave-in conditioner. You need an all-natural product, and if you don’t want something specialized, look for non-comedogenic oils.

After this, towel-dry the beard, scrape some balm with a thumbnail, run it through the bread and you will be good for the entire day. As long as you brush and comb through regularly, you’ll find. This is especially important if you live in a sunny and dry environment.

Hair Grooming Gear

Now that you know the answer to the question “how often should you wash your beard?”, you are that much closer to taking your look to the next level. As long as you tailor your beard routine to the type of beard, lifestyle, skin you have, you will get the most optimal results from your approach.

If you’re having trouble finding premium high-quality grooming gear for your hair and body, get in touch with us and we will happily accommodate your needs.

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