Men’s Face Care: How to Maintain A Fresh Look

Men's Face Care: How To Maintain A Fresh Look

There once was a time when men didn’t bother with face care, and if they had cared they would probably be laughed at by society for doing so.

It’s 2020 though, and those times are over. Every man should have a basic routine they follow to care for their skin, facial hair, and all other aspects of men’s face care, so if you don’t have one in place, we’re here to help.

What are the important aspects of men’s face care and how can you implement them?

A men’s face care routine should be simple yet effective, encompassing everything from skincare to UV protection and facial hair care.

There’s no need for expensive products or a lot of time, as most of it can be done in just a few minutes a day.

If you’re a man who wants to start taking care of themselves and putting their best and freshest face forward, this is the guide for you.

We’ll cover the common skin problems that men encounter and how to fix them, the simple products you should be using each day, and tips on how to keep yourself groomed and presentable with the least amount of effort.

Common Skin Problems Men Face

Common Skin Problems Men Face
Problems with the skin

Men aren’t immune to skin problems, no matter how much we try to ignore them, and there are some that most of us face.

Being exposed to harsh elements and everyday pollution, eating and drinking the wrong stuff, and not using any skincare products are just some of the ways that our skin starts to suffer.

Check out these common issues with their simple solution to see how to repair your skin.


Acne doesn’t magically disappear once you finish going through puberty and many other factors like hormones and stress can cause acne well into your adult years.

A basic skincare routine with cleansing and toning can dramatically reduce acne, or a visit to your dermatologist can come up with some more intensive actions if skincare alone isn’t cutting it.

Shaving irritation

Razor burn and other bumps and irritations that come after shaving is something that all men face. For a quick fix, consider switching to an electric razor and using a dedicated beard oil or shaving balm.

These products feature the right ingredients to soothe the skin after shaving, kill bacteria, and keep your facial hair clean.


Men and women both suffer from rosacea and the simplest fix is to visit a doctor. You can get a prescription for medicine that clears it up and develop a basic skincare routine that prevents it from returning.


Men are more prone to sunburn because they generally care less about protecting the first place.

As well as potentially leading to skin cancer, sunburn can do serious damage to your face and age you prematurely. A good SPF sunscreen will do wonders for your skin in the future.


As much as we don’t want to admit it, men still take note of the wrinkles on their faces and look at how they’re aging them.

While there’s nothing you can do to remove them (aside from cosmetic surgery) you can prevent them in the future with a good skincare routine and some lifestyle changes.

The Three Skin Products Every Man Should Own

The Three Skin Products Every Man Should Own

The most common misconception about men’s face care is that you have to spend a fortune to do it right, or worse, spend hours of your time applying various products.

The good news is that a basic skin care routine will only take minutes a day and costs less than you think, provided you have just three key products in your arsenal.


A facial cleanser is the single most important skincare product around, giving your face a deep clean just as you do with your body every day when you bathe.

Apply a facial cleanser to a wet face and lather for 30 seconds, being sure to hit the problem zones of your nose, chin, and forehead. Wash off with cool water and dab dry with a towel.


Moisturizer should be applied twice a day to the face and neck, but if you want to keep things simple, only do it in the morning.

Find a moisturizer that suits your skin type and apply it after cleansing. This will keep skin hydrated, prevent aging, and protect you from the sun if you choose one with SPF.


Once a week, use an exfoliator on the face and neck. This provides a deeper clean than your daily cleanser and removes dead skin that can cause further issues. Moisturizer after exfoliating so your skin doesn’t dry out.

The Importance of UV Protection

The Importance Of UV Protection

The most overlooked part of face care, whether you’re a man or woman, is UV protection. Each day, we spend hours exposed to the sun, even if it’s simply commuting to work in the morning or being in the garden.

According to the US Skin Cancer Foundation, having five or more sunburns in your life doubles your risk of developing melanoma, so it’s not all about the vanity either.

Studies have shown that around 90 percent of skin aging is due to the sun, so it’s the most extensive protection you have against looking old.

Even using just a minimum SPF15 sunscreen will result in 24 percent less visible aging compared to people who use none at all.

As the years go on, this damage to the skin is cumulative, so it’s never too late to start implementing UV protection into your facial care routine.

These days, skincare products have been made with UV protection in mind, and most facial moisturizers will contain at least some element of SPF protection.

At a minimum, you should choose a moisturizer that features SPF30+ or higher, and if you can’t, you should apply a facial sunscreen underneath your daily moisturizer.

UV protection isn’t a part of face care that will show instant results, but it’s something that will significantly reduce damage over time and prevent wrinkles, sun spots, and other signs for premature aging.

For men who work outdoors or spend a lot of time in the sun, extra measures should be taken to protect the face from sun damage, and it’s an essential part of face care that can’t be ignored.

Face Masks for Men

Face Masks For Men

If the thought of lounging around at home with a face mask on instills you with a little bit of fear, you can think again.

Face masks used to be something reserved just for women, but with everything we know about them and the good they can do us, there’s no good reason anymore for men not to enjoy the benefits as well.

Face masks can be used to treat just about any skin condition or provide any type of treatment you’re after.

These masks are applied to the face and left there for a specific amount of time, then washed away to reveal their results. Here are some masks men can try to give their skin an instant boost:

  • Clay: A clay mask is made of natural ingredients and it draws impurities out of the skin as it dries. These masks would be ideal for men with dry or oily skin as it can have benefits for both types, and they’re gentle enough to not do any damage.
  • Natural: A natural mask can be made at home with basic ingredients like avocado, oatmeal, honey, and cucumber. The rejuvenating ingredients will give your skin a boost and there’s no need to buy anything extra just to enjoy it.
  • Peel off: A peel off mask can be made of plastic, paraffin wax, or gel. These masks improve circulation but don’t remove as many impurities and they’re better left for men with dry skin because they’re not as absorbent.
  • Thermal: A thermal mask uses heat as its treatment, gradually heating up after they’re applied to the face. The purpose of these masks is to warm up surface tissues and refresh the complexion before a big event, and they’re suited to all skin types.
  • Cream: A cream mask is perfect for men with dry or normal skin or those who need a little extra TLC, and they’re the quickest way to give a boost of moisture. This is thanks to the emollient properties of the mask that soften the skin cells and give an intensive treatment.
  • Warm Oil: This type of mask is usually applied in a professional spa but you can enjoy them at home if you like. They work best on dry skin because of the excess oil and are applied with a massage to increase circulation and improve skin tone on the face.

How to Take Care of Your Eyebrows

How To Take Care Of Your Eyebrows

Just as important as your skin is the hair on your face, and it’s something that every person you talk to will notice.

Eyebrows have been one of the biggest fashion trends in recent years and that doesn’t mean men are exempt.

We’re not calling on you to get a regular brow wax or start shaping them with a high arch, but you do need to tame the hairy caterpillars somewhat.

There is a very simple set of steps to follow to maintain your eyebrows without making it obvious that you’ve done anything to them at all.

The goal here is to achieve a clean but masculine look that fits with the rest of your face and facial hair, so follow this advice to get it done the right way.

  • Use a small comb or toothbrush to brush the eyebrow hairs upward toward the top of your head. This is the easiest way to see which ones are scraggly and need to be maintained.
  • Take a small pair of scissors and trim gently to shorten the longer brows. Every few clips, comb your eyebrows back into place to assess what they look like. This a crucial step if you want to avoid going overboard.
  • If you have super thick brows and want to reduce them, you can use a specialized eyebrow trimmer. You should never attempt to shave or trim the hairs with any other type of tool.
  • Use a pair of eyebrow tweezers to remove any unruly hairs that look out of place. The goal here is to simply tidy things up and not to shape your brows or change their look at all.

How to Take Care of Nose and Ear Hair

How To Take Care Of Nose And Ear Hair

Nose and ear hair are unfortunate parts of being a man that have to be dealt with eventually.

For some men, it sprouts up unexpectedly in their twenties, and others won’t have to deal with theirs until their golden years, but whenever it happens for you, you have to be prepared.

Thankfully, there are some great products and tools already on the market that can help keep these unruly hairs in check.

  • Trimmers: You can purchase a nose and ear hair trimmer that works as a two in one tool, trimming the thick hairs down so that they’re no longer visible. If you want something more permanent and want to reduce the amount of grooming you do, there are other options.
  • IPL: IPL is a permanent form of hair removal that can be used on ear and nose hair, and after a few sessions, it ensures that the hair stops growing entirely or at least grows back thinly and discreetly.
  • Waxing: Waxing is another option that lasts longer than shaving or trimming, but still needs to be done once a month. Some men find it painful on the inside of their nose, but mostly it’s just a quick irritation that pulls the hair from the roots in its entirety.
  • Plucking: The most painful of all options but one that can be useful for those stray, annoying hairs that come up, plucking is good for the ears and nose. Some men find they only have to pluck to take care of these problem areas, so you’re lucky if you’re one of them.

A Little Effort for a Lot of Results

Men don’t have to feel ashamed for giving a damn about their face care anymore, and it’s time that we got rid of the stigma.

Not only is taking care of your skin great for your overall aesthetics, but it can prevent serious damage and even skin cancers, so there’s no reason to put it off any longer.

A basic skincare routine is something every man should have in his back pocket, and as we’ve shown you, it doesn’t have to be lengthy or expensive.

All you need is a few key products and an understanding of why it matters so much to take care of your skin, and you’ll be set.

The results from men’s face care can be seen instantly and enjoyed long into the future.

To prevent premature aging, improve your appearance, and feel fresh and masculine throughout the day, it’s never been more important to take a little time to develop your very own skincare routine for home.

Related Questions

Related Questions

Face care encompasses many different parts and procedures, but for men, it can be hard to know where to start in a market that is seemingly aimed at women.

To help you out, we’ve answered some common questions that men have about skincare and face care so you don’t have to feel lost any longer.

Can I Sleep With Skincare Products On?

Following a facial cleansing at night, there are some products men can use to work while they’re asleep.

Facial serums, eye creams, and deep moisturizers are all ideal to put on before bed as they’ll work deep into your pores and skin while you sleep and leave your skin in great condition for the morning.

Can Men Use Women’s Beauty Products?

Although most beauty products are marketed towards women, men can use them as well. Men do have thicker skin, but this shouldn’t affect the products they use, as long as they are aware of their skin type.

The ingredients found in skincare products are designed for certain types of skin and not gender, so you can use a female branded product provided it suits your complexion.

Can Men Wax Their Eyebrows?

There is nothing stopping a man from waxing their eyebrows, however, if you don’t want a look that’s too defined, it’s not advisable.

Waxing removes all of the finer hairs from around the brows and shapes them, so it takes away the rugged and natural look.

The best approach is to pluck the stray hairs you don’t want and leave the waxing to those who prefer a more defined and clean shape.

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