The Best Beard Products You Can’t Live Without

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Ancient Greeks sported beards as a symbol of honor. In India and Turkey, long beards meant wisdom. 

Today, beards show masculinity. They’re stylish and fun to grow. If you’re thinking of growing a beard or not sure how to maintain yours, beard products can help. 

But, how do you know which ones you should get for your facial hair? Check out our guide below to learn about the best beard products for you! 


One of the most essential beard grooming tools out there: the trimmer. These are best for stubble-lovers o a quick touch-up. 

For longer, more maintenance-heavy beards, trimmers aren’t precise enough. Shape your beard with a quick trim to the neck and sides. Make sure you pick a trimmer with multiple head choices and long battery life. 


Treat a medium to long beard like you would your own head of hair. With a pair of sharp scissors designed for facial hair, keep your beard shape elegant. 

For longer beards, scissors let you avoid the pitfalls of over-trimming. Smaller scissors allow for more precision when sculpting your facial hair. 


Keep those flyaways tamed with a good beard comb. If you prefer a longer beard, combs are essential for detangling. 

A surprising benefit of beard combs is their ability to diffuse oils and balms throughout the beard. For styling on the go, keep a small comb with you for easy beard management. 


Did you know it takes two to six months to grow a full beard? While you wait for those luscious locks to grow in, keep the scratchiness at bay with some quality beard oil. 

For those starting their beard-growing journey, beard oil is a must-have. Pick a natural oil to moisturize the skin and smooth growing hairs. Some have added scents, and you can even make your own!


So, what’s the difference between beard oil and balm?

Beard oil’s main job is moisturization and preventing razor bumps. Balm also styles like wax. It sits on the beard and gives it a uniform shape.

Have a patchy beard? Balm adds thickness and uniformity. 


You can’t forget a good beard wash in your kit of beard essentials. Yes, you need a different wash for your beard than your everyday shampoo. 

The best beard washes clean and condition without stripping the natural oils from your beard. Regular soaps are much more abrasive. They’ll increase itchiness and dandruff. 

You can choose a beard shampoo formulated for your length and style or even skin type. 

Best Beard Products 2020

You don’t need a bathroom full of different beard products to maintain the perfect beard. 

If you could only pick two, a high-quality comb and beard oil are critical for beard health and style.

Facial hair protects against the sun and can add maturity and sophistication to a man’s look. But, for the most impressive whiskers, you’ll want to keep it clean, soft, and styled. For this, you should have at least a few beard products on hand. 

Tame your beard today and check out some of our recommended grooming products!

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