7 Tools for a Well-Groomed Beard

well-groomed beard

A recent survey revealed that 3 in 4 men actually feel more confident when they are sporting facial hair. However, on average, when these men rated their satisfaction with their beard, the result was only at a 6/10.

It’s no secret that there is much more to maintaining a beard then letting it grow wild. Still, with so many men unsatisfied with their facial hair appearance, obtaining a well-groomed beard seems to be a mystery. 

So what can you do to take your facial hair from wild to styled? Follow along to learn the 7 tools you need in your grooming kit to ensure your beard is in tip-top shape at all times.

1. Beard Wash

Before you even begin to style and shape, you’ll need to ensure your beard is clean. There’s nothing worse than collecting dried up flakes of food, skin, and other debris in your beard. Not only is this rather gross, but the build-up can actually cause irritation and blocked pores. 

When cleaning your beard it’s important to choose a wash that is specifically designed for beard care. Your face wash won’t clean your hair strands properly and shampoo is far too harsh for your facial skin. 

Beard wash is able to gently clean your facial hair while being careful not to strip the moisture from the skin below. This ensures you’ll have a healthy base for your hair to grow and will prevent dry skin from flaking off into your beard. 

2. Beard Comb

Choose a wide-tooth comb for your beard grooming kit and use it often. While many men associate the comb with a mustache, it’s just as important to comb out your beard as it is your upper lip. 

The combing action will help to brush through any skin particles that have gathered in your beard and can prevent ingrown hairs from forming.

Not only will combing through your beard help detangle the strands but it will also come in handy when it comes time to trim your beard. You’ll be able to accurately see which hairs need a trim without having to return to the task every time you find another stray hair. 

Your beard comb will be a great aid in distributing any oils and balms that you have applied and can help keep your facial hair evenly hydrated and smooth.

3. Boar Hair Beard Brush

Similar to the comb, this brush will help distribute oils through your facial hair, however, the soft bristles of the brush can actually help with uniform growth.

The bristles work to sluff off any dead skin and increase circulation by stimulating the hair follicles. If your beard tends to grow in patches or has an uneven texture, you’ll love the benefits of this tool. The increased blood flow encourages faster growth, more consistent growth rates, and of course, keeps your hairs healthy and strong.

Both brushing and combing your beard will help train your facial hair into your desired style and keep wild strands at bay. 

4. Scissors

Between barber appointments, you’ll want to keep your beard in shape by using your comb and scissors to eliminate any strays. Using scissors is a great way to ensure you don’t take off more length than anticipated. The precise tool also allows you to trim just one or two hairs at a time in those tricky spots. 

You’ll likely notice that some areas of your beard grow faster than others. Keeping your scissors on hand will help you stay on top of the growth and keep your beard looking uniform and well-groomed. 

5. Clippers/Trimmers

If you don’t plan on going to the barber for every trim, you’ll want to invest in a high-quality set of clippers. Your clippers will be used for trimming length, creating shape, and even crisping up those lines along your jaw. 

Look for a trimmer with guard attachments that suit your needs and provide ample space for growth and development. If you are in the beginning stages of growth, you may not need a 5 or 6 guard yet, however, as your beard takes shape, these guards will help prevent accidental slips and loss of length. 

For ease, we recommend purchasing cordless clippers to trim your beard as the cable can often decrease the range of motion and cause uncomfortable positions while trimming. Not only is this irritating, but the strained positions can actually cause more mistakes. 

6. Beard Oil

A great oil is a beard essential for keeping your hairs in check. Dried out strands tend to show up as frizzy hairs and flyaways. Using a quality beard oil ensures that your facial hair remains well moisturized all day long. 

Simply massage the oil through your beard and use your comb or brush to distribute the product evenly. With different scents in each oil, you can choose a fragrance that suits your style and ensure you’re always looking and smelling your best.

7. Beard Balm

Beard balm is one of the best grooming tools for men with medium to long style beards. The balm serves to moisturize and tame similar to the oil product, however, you’ll find the balm helps will hold as well. 

Use beard balms when you are styling your beard to ensure all of your grooming stays in place throughout the day. Again, you can use your comb or brush to distribute the product and carefully shape your desired look. 

Bonus: Trimming Template

If you are feeling unsure of how to groom a beard, picking up a trimming template is a great option. These guides provide you with popular shapes and styles that you can use to accomplish a more accurate line. 

Simply hold the template up to your beard to gain perspective on which areas to trim and which ones to leave. You’ll be able to achieve that barber-groomed beard right from home without any shakey hands or clumsy mistakes.

Rock Your Well-Groomed Beard

Now that you know the essential tools you need in your grooming kit, you can set forth with confidence on your beard grooming mission. From washing up to keeping your style in place, these tools will make it simple to maintain a well-groomed beard each and every day.

Want to learn more about caring for your beard? Check out our beard shaping guide to discover which style is best for your face shape.

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