Best Men’s Body Wash: Enjoy In Your Shower

It’s time to trade in your soap for body wash.

Not only will your skin feel more hydrated, but by choosing the right body wash you’ll have a cleaner, more invigorating experience when you step into the shower.

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How do you choose the best body wash?

It’s not a case of simply picking the most attractive bottle at the store. You need to look at its ingredients so that showering will be an invigorating, healthy experience every day.

These days shower gels and body washes have come a long way. They’re filled with unique, heavenly scents; they’re focused on making you feel wonderfully clean, and they moisturize your skin so that it can feel softer and be healthier

It’s time to trade in your soap for body wash. Not only will your skin feel more hydrated, but by choosing the right body wash you’ll have a cleaner, more invigorating experience when you step into the shower.

How do you choose the best body wash to add to your toiletry bag?

It’s not a case of simply picking the most attractive bottle at the store. You need to look at its ingredients so that showering will be an invigorating, healthy experience every day.

These days shower gels and body washes have come a long way. They’re filled with unique, heavenly scents; they’re focused on making you feel wonderfully clean, and they moisturize your skin so that it can feel softer and be healthier.

Let’s look at the five best men’s body wash products on the market.

Best Overall: Cremo All Season Body Wash


The name of this body wash sounds lovely, and it’s sure not to disappoint you if you want a fresh and nourishing body wash. Here’s what you need to know about the Cremo All Season Body Wash.


This is the best men’s body wash as it’s smell changes during your shower. This is because the fragrances are layered and give you a rich, tantalizing variety of scents.

It’s been developed with fragrance notes as though it’s cologne, which is a nice touch because so many body wash products on the market don’t have layered scents.

This body wash can be used all year round, so you don’t have to worry about switching to a more luxurious wash during winter and a lighter one during summer.

This Cremo body wash is balanced to give you the moisturizing your skin needs in the colder months as well as a crisp touch during the hot months.

This is achieved by its marula oil ingredient that moisturizes your skin without it feeling heavy. The bonus of this, of course, is that you don’t have to buy a different body wash when the seasons change.

This body wash lathers up nicely when you use it in the shower but it doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky or dry when you step out of it.

You don’t have to use a lot of it to feel pampered, as a little bit goes a long way.


Some users of the product have reported that its cap is a bit faulty. There have also been some shipping issues with the bottles leaking, so that’s something to be aware of when purchasing the product.

Extra Features

Not a fan of the bourbon and oak fragrance?

You can purchase six other fragrances in the range from Amazon, such as Blue Cedar and Cypress, Seagrass and Driftwood, and Pacific Sea Salt and Grapefruit. These sound delicious!

The body wash will look great in your bathroom. It looks like the crystal bottle of an expensive fragrance. This is a body wash that’s made for adult men because it’s so sophisticated.

Buying guide

Although that might be expensive, this luxurious body wash by Cremo makes your daily shower a much more enjoyable experience and, as mentioned earlier, you don’t need to use a lot to make the most of the moisturizing benefits.

With all its attention to scent, it’s the best smelling body wash for men.

Runner Up: Malin + Goetz Hand + Body Wash


Having a hand and body wash in one product is convenient and saves you space in the shower. Here’s why you should choose Malin + Goetz Hand and Body Wash that has a lovely rum-inspired scent.


This hand and body wash has a delicious dark rum fragrance that will certainly take your daily washing routine to a more luxurious level. 

It makes use of a foaming cleansing gel that has amino acid technology to clean, hydrate, and balance your skin in one. 

The company is committed to providing products that contain natural ingredients that are gentle on skin, which is important because hygiene products can sometimes be too harsh on the skin and strip it of its natural oils.


One of the drawbacks of this product that was mentioned in many Amazon reviews is the fact that it only contains 0.5 percent of rum fragrance.

When used in the company’s amenity partners, such as hotels and gyms, the hand and body wash contained 12 percent of rum, but that version cannot be purchased by the public.

So, if you’re eager to try this product because of its rum scent, that is something to bear in mind.

Extra Features

People who’ve purchased this hand and body wash have stated that it lathers well and they don’t need to use a lot in order to feel clean.

Buying guide

Although this hand and body wash is a bit expensive, it’s a hydrating wash that will leave your skin feeling luxurious. It’s great to find a product that is both pampering and nourishing for your skin. However, we think it falls a little short for the best smelling mens body wash.

Alternative: Every Man Jack Body Wash


Not only does the bottle of Every Man Jack Body Wash look stylish with its brown and green design, but it’s a must to try for many other reasons.


What’s more refreshing a mint-infused shower to make you feel invigorated?

This body wash incorporates eucalyptus mint that contains spearmint oils and essential eucalyptus to make your body and mind feel awake. It’s perfect for use first thing in the morning.

The product aims to stay as natural as possible, which is why it’s free of harmful chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, dyes, and GMOs.


This body wash contains coconut-derived surfactants. Surfactants are important in body washes because they create lather, but these chemicals can be toxic.

Although the idea of them being derived from coconut sounds healthy and green, they can be toxic even if they’re derived from plant sources, so it would be nice if the manufacturer would elaborate on their specific surfactants and if they’re safe for the environment and one’s health.

Although the product contains natural ingredients, there are also chemicals included in the ingredients list, which could be problematic for you if you’re looking for an organic body wash.

Some people who’ve reviewed the product on Amazon have stated that the product doesn’t release a strong enough fragrance.

Extra Features

The bottle is good for the environment because it’s made with a minimum of 50 percent post-consumer recycled plastic.

This body wash is made in the USA and is certified cruelty-free by the People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA). It’s never tested on animals.

People have stated that the body wash feels gentle on their skin while still giving them a good clean, which is what every quality body wash should accomplish.

Buying guide

This Every Man Jack Body Wash is a refreshing blend of mint and eucalyptus that will get your mornings started on an energetic footing.

Alternative: Molton Brown Bath & Shower Gel

Molton Brown Bath & Shower Gel

You might have read the name of this shower gel and have wondered why it was called ‘brown.’ Well, the brown bottle in this range of bath and shower gels by Molton has the scent ‘recharge black pepper.’ Intriguing, right?

Let’s take a look at its features.


One of the biggest selling points for shower gels is their scent. The best smelling mens shower gel is usually very distinctive in smell. If you’re looking for something outside of the norm, then this one by Molton is a must to buy.

It has top notes of black pepper, ginger, and lemon; heart notes of basil, violet leaf, and coriander; and base notes of oak moss, ambergris, and vetiver.

People have stated that the body wash lathers really well, which makes you feel clean.

The scent stays with you for many hours after your shower, which is a nice bonus because often shower gel scents vanish quickly.


Although attention is paid to the long-lasting scent of this luxurious body wash, it is strong and will overpower or compete with your favorite cologne.

That is something to bear in mind as you, therefore, might not be able to use the body wash daily.

There is some concern that this product that’s being sold isn’t an authentic Molton Brown product. In addition, the image provided shows that the ingredients list is in Chinese.

Extra Features

If you’re not drawn to the idea of a black pepper shower gel, there are 12 other bottles to choose from, such as Coastal Cypress and Sea Fennel, Tobacco Absolute, Russian Leather, and others.

This is definitely the body wash range to buy if you like unique, intriguing fragrances.

Buying Guide

While the price might be a drawback to consider for some people, this bath and shower gel is worth the splurge if you’re looking for a pampering product that smells heavenly.

Alternative: Olivina Men All-in-One Wash


If you’re the kind of guy who loves hygiene products that can be used for lots of different things, then you’ll want to put this Olivina body wash on your shopping list because it can be used to wash your face and hair, too.


One of the biggest benefits of using this product is that it’s really easy to use. At the same time as you wash your body in the shower, you can wash your hair. It’s a must to purchase if you want a practical product that you can use quickly and effectively.

This product achieves what it sets out to do, because it leaves your skin clean while preventing hair from becoming dry.

It contains a smart blend of ingredients to nourish your skin and hair in one: it’s got organic white birch and Brazilian yerba mate to clean the skin effectively, and it’s also enriched with Panthenol. This is a B5 vitamin that keeps hair hydrated.

It has a thick consistency that you’ll probably find is greater than other body washes you’ve used in the past. This enables it to lather up nicely.


Some people who’ve used the product have stated that although this body and hair wash smells great, its scent doesn’t last long once you’ve stepped out of the shower.

However, that might be a good thing if you’re hoping to avoid a strong or overpowering scent.

Extra Features

It comes in three interesting scents: ginger beer, bourbon cedar, and juniper tonic.

Buying Guide

Since it can be used to wash your hair, face, and body, this hair and body wash is definitely value for money.

Men’s Body Wash FAQ

Now that we’ve featured five of the best men’s body wash products, let’s look at some common questions about body washes that you might be wondering about.

What men’s body wash smells the best?


Everyone wants to smell good, especially when their favorite lady is coming over, so when you choose a body wash you want it to have a lovely scent.

The best man body wash will always have a distinctive smell. These days, you can find many body washes that have unique scents, as can be seen in our men’s body wash reviews. But which one smells the best?

Smell can be quite subjective, of course, so a body wash that smells good to your best mate might not be that special in your opinion.

However, one that you certainly should try is the Cremo All Season body wash in bourbon and oak.

Those notes work well together, but the layered effect of this body wash’s fragrance is what’s really great about it because it means that you get a rich scent filled with various notes.

That’s ultimately what you want in a body wash instead of one with a fragrance that’s hardly noticeable and lacks depth.

Another good scent is one that is fresh and uplifting, such as that contains spearmint. Choosing a fresh body wash scent can also have the effect of making you feel cleaner, which is a nice touch.

An example of a fresh body wash that’s featured in our list of reviews is the Every Man Jack Body Wash that contains a blend of both eucalyptus and mint scents.

Is body wash better than soap?

Although you might be using soap in the shower and not want to change, the truth is that soap can be drying to your skin.

Although it’s always a good idea to apply moisturizer after a shower to keep your skin hydrated, switching your trusty bar of soap for a body wash can be a better idea. This is because body washes are much more moisturizing than soap bars.

They usually contain ingredients that help to soften your skin and make it feel great. Examples of such ingredients include essential oils, glycerin, and aloe vera.

Body washes are also increasing their skin-boosting effectiveness, thanks to technology.

As Dermatologic Clinics reports, body wash products are more hydrating than soap bars because they usually contain emulsified petrolatum that’s applied to the skin to treat dryness.

Ingredients aside, body wash is also better for your skin than bar soap because some soap bars change the skin’s natural pH levels, which can cause the skin to become irritated.

If you’ve ever washed your hands a lot with a harsh soap bar, you’ll know that it can cause dryness as well as redness and itchiness. A gentle, yet hydrating, body wash, can, therefore, prevent this from happening.

There’s also the factor of hygiene to consider. With soap bars, it’s easy for one’s hygiene to be compromised due to how bacteria can live on a soap bar.

In fact, both soap bars and loofahs breed bacteria when they are left in moist environments, as Well and Good reports, which is why it’s so important to replace them regularly.

With a body wash, since the product is in a bottle, you don’t get exposed to as much bacteria and the bottle doesn’t come into contact with the skin on your body.

What is the difference between men’s and women’s body wash?


Although you might think that body wash is the same whether it’s being sold to a man or woman, there are actually some crucial differences between the two.

The way body washes are developed for men versus women differs because of how men have different sebaceous glands as compared to women.

Men have more of these glands that produce oil in the pores, which is why the body wash that’s made for men contains more harsh cleaning agents.

They can handle these ingredients because they’re not as drying for their skin, specifically due to the presence of more oil glands.

Since women have more sensitive skin than men, this is why you’ll often find that body washes for women are made to be a bit more moisturizing than men’s body washes, as Style Caster reports.

Body wash for men usually has different scents compared to those made specifically for women.

There’s much emphasis placed on making men’s body washes “smell like what a man should smell like,” which is why they tend to be less floral and more woodsy or fresh, such as minty.

This can be seen in many body wash products we’ve featured on this list, such as the Cremo All Season Body Wash that combines the woody smell of oak with bourbon.

This combination can be said to be a masculine smell, which is part of its appeal to consumers and often referred to in product descriptions by the body wash manufacturers.

Does body wash actually clean you?


Although you might think that body wash is more about feeling pampered than actually getting clean, they are a good way to keep your body clean – but they also have other benefits.

As AOL reports, body wash products clean your skin but also moisturize it and can improve your skin condition, such as if you’re suffering from dryness.

Not only do you feel clean after washing with a body wash, but your skin feels smooth. This is thanks to their ingredients that nourish the skin, such as vitamin E and glycerin that penetrate the skin during use.

If you’re wondering whether or not body wash can be as effective as soap bars at getting you clean, you’ll be glad to know that both are good.

There are some benefits to using body wash, though. It’s really easy to use it because you just squirt it in your hands and can wash all over without having to lather it up in your hands like soap.


If you want to take your daily shower from average to amazing, having the right body wash on hand can help you achieve your goal. On the other hand, maybe you have a skin condition, such as dryness, that you want to treat.

By switching from using a soap bar to using a more hydrating body wash,  you’ll encourage softer, healthier skin. It’s clear to see that body washes have many benefits that go beyond cleaning your skin.

In this article of body wash reviews, we’ve featured five of the best men’s body wash: enjoy in your shower these luxurious, pampering, and cleaning products to make you feel great and smell heavenly.

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