Best Body Hair Trimmer For 2021

Body hair is known for being high-maintenance.

It has to be cut, trimmed, and shaped in order to look its best. However, a body trimmer can make this process much easier.

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What’s a body trimmer, exactly?

A body trimmer is a grooming blade that usually comes with various attachment heads so that you can cut hair on various parts of your body, even in the most sensitive areas. The best body groomers are functional, practical and affordable.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best body hair trimmer for 2020, along with four alternatives that you’ll love. We’ll start by checking out all their specs.

Best Overall: Conair Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer


Facial trimmers for men have become much smarter over the years.

The perfect example of this is the Conair Man i-Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer, which is the company’s most advanced trimmer to date and the best body hair trimmer for men in our guide of reviews. Let’s check it out in more detail.


This trimmer has a head that pivots to help you trim your beard, moustache, and stubble much easier. It enables the blade to glide along the contours of your face for a more precise shave.

This male body hair trimmer comes with 15 settings for the ultimate convenience, with settings starting at 0.4mm and going all the way up to 5.0mm.

It has an ergonomically-designed handle so that it’s easier to hold and use.

It has a removable comb guide to further help you when trimming your facial hair so that you’re accurate. This helps you to prevent any accidents!

You also get an LCD display on this trimmer that shows you recharge times and chosen trimming length, which is a nice touch that further adds to the product’s user-friendliness.


Some people have complained about the product’s battery life, saying that it’s not that reliable.

Others have reported that the teeth on the trimmer guide are set too far apart from each other, which means that the trimmer doesn’t lift hair strands well enough to cut them.

Extra Features

This Conair trimmer charges quickly and gives you 45 minutes of use when fully charged.

It also has a cordless option so you can use it when you’re not near a power source. This makes it a fantastic trimmer to take with you when you travel.

Buying Guide

With all of its features, this flexhead electric trimmer s a professional product that’s easy to use as well as has some nice perks. Consider it as the best men’s body hair trimmer in recent days. 

Runner Up: Manscaped Groin Hair Trimmer


Known as the Lawnmower 3.0, this groin hair trimmer will keep you neat and tidy in your most sensitive area. Here’s what to know about it. This is arguably the best body hair trimmer for manscaping.


This trimmer has soft blades made of ceramic that offer Advanced SkinSafe technology to prevent cuts. These blades are also resistant to rust, which makes them earn points for durability.

It’s a waterproof trimmer, so you don’t have to avoid using it in the bathroom. You can also clean it easily by running it under the tap, which makes it low-maintenance to look after.

It’s a cordless electric trimmer that you charge, but what’s nice about this is that it can be charged via a USB dock. This is great if you don’t want to use an adapter, making it very versatile.

This trimmer is really easy to hold because of its gentle curved design and power grip, so if you have to use it for a long period of time it will be kinder to your hand and wrist.


Some people have reported that they cut themselves while using this groin trimmer, so it’s important to exercise caution whenever you’re using a trimmer just to be on the safe side, especially since other reviewers have mentioned the blade on this trimmer is very sharp.

However, safety and caution are always recommended with every trimmer and shaving product.

Extra Features

It comes with an adjustable guide comb to help you cut different hair lengths with greater accuracy.

You get 90 minutes of use after charging this trimmer. It has a blinking light that flashes during the charging process. You’ll know it’s charged and ready to use when the light is solid.

This groin trimmer comes with an adapter and charging dock included in the pack.

Buying Guide

While Lawnmower 3.0 might seem expensive, it has all the features you need to manscape quickly and effectively. You also get extra items in the pack, such as an adapter, so it’s ready for use as soon as you unpack it. Overall we believe it’s the best body groomer for manscaping.

Alternative: Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100


The Philips Norelco trimmer looks attractive with its black and blue design, but what’s so great about it is that it’s a budget-friendly trimmer that’s worth checking out if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a manscaping tool.

There is a small debate on the difference between the manscaped lawn mower 3.0 vs Philips Norelco bodygroom 7000.

However, don’t think that it’s a low-quality product, as it has some high-quality features that make it worthy of being on our list. And it is considered one of the perfect lawn mower 3.0 alternatives. So, manscaped 3.0 vs Philips Norelco debate is no more. 


This Philips product is a bi-directional trimmer and popular as the best chest hair trimmer also. This is important because sometimes you need to cut hair in different directions, such as when trimming your chest hair.

The bi-directional electric trimmer can catch lots of hair that are growing in different directions, making it one of the best men’s body groomer products on the market.

It comes with a 3mm comb to enable you to cut longer hair strands.

One of the best features of this product is that it’s showerproof so you can use and clean it very easily.

It’s cordless for the utmost convenience and comes with an AA battery that you can use for two months before it has to be replaced.


Some people have claimed that this trimmer is not strong enough to give them a super-clean shave. So, perhaps it might be better to use for regular maintenance of your body hair instead of more difficult tasks.

Others have reported that the trimmer blade gets clogged up very easily. However, you do get a brush in the pack you can use to keep it clean, so that’s a bonus.

Extra Features

It has a shower cord so you can easily hang it up after use, which is a nice bonus that doesn’t come standard with more expensive models.

It has an average battery life of 50 minutes. While this is a bit shorter than some other trimmers for men, it’s more than enough for what you need.

It comes in black, silver, or blue.

Buying Guide

This Philips trimmer is not going to break the bank. It has enough features to make it a solid product that you’re likely to get a lot of use from.

It’s especially valuable for men who don’t have lots of manscaping to do and just want a product that will help them to maintain their body hair. 

Alternative: Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000


This trimmer is another one by Philips that makes our manscaping tool reviews, and it’s also part of the Philips Bodygroom series. It’s a body trimmer and shaver that’s got some useful features. This is another perfect manscaped alternative that you may choose. Let’s check them out!


One of the best features about this trimmer is that it has a dual-sided design that enables you to trim or shave hair all over your body, even in sensitive areas like pubic hair.

You can use it wet or dry, which makes it very convenient to use without worrying about leaving it in moist conditions because it is also waterproof.

It has five adjustable lengths, so you can cut hair that’s between 3mm to 11mm.

It has a flexing head that moves in four directions.

It also comes with an ergonomic handle to make trimming at awkward angles much more comfortable.

Another important feature to keep you safe is that it has blades with rounded tips. This also prevents hair from being tugged.


Some people who have purchased this trimmer have reported that it’s quite noisy and vibrates a lot during use. That, however, might not be something that bothers you.

Others don’t like that the product body is made with plastic as it could have been more durable.

Extra Features

This trimmer comes with a replacement head as well as a case included in the pack, so you don’t have to worry about replacing the head for a long time.

It requires 60 minutes of charging and then it can be used for 80 minutes, which is more than enough time for you to shave and trim your body hair.

Buying Guide

This Philips trimmer is a valuable trimmer that you can use all over your body, making it versatile and as well as a product that you’re sure to use for a long time. The addition of the storage case and replaceable head is further incentive to purchase it.

Alternative: Braun All-in-one trimmer


If you want to buy a trimmer pack that has everything you need to maintain your body hair, this Braun all-in-one trimmer is the one for you. It’s the best men’s grooming kit


If you’re the type of person who wants to be able to use one product in a variety of ways, then this Braun kit is a must to check out.

You can use this trimming device for nine jobs that include trimming stubble; cutting short, medium, or long beard;, grooming body hair; and even trimming the hair in your nose and ears.

It has 13 length settings to choose from, which is much more than many other trimmers for men on the market. Its cutting range is from 0.5mm to 21mm.

It comes with four combs to help you cut accurately at the various cutting lengths.

You can use it as a cordless trimmer, and it will give you 60 minutes of trimming time.

It has what’s known as a detail trimmer attachment that helps you cut accurately and precisely.

You get a free Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor that comes with FlexBall technology included in the pack.


People who have purchased this trimmer from Amazon have reported that it doesn’t work so well when used with shaving foam as the shaving heads on this trimmer don’t move as quickly as they should when doused in foam and end up tugging the hair.

Others say that this shaving kit is a little too much to pack when traveling, so it’s not very user-friendly in that regard.

Extra Features

It’s completely waterproof, so you can use it and then clean it in the shower afterwards without a fuss.

This trimmer comes with an LED indicator to let you know its charging status.

Buying Guide

This Braun trimmer is a strong, versatile trimmer that you can use for all your cutting needs. With its 13 trim settings and how well it can multitask, it’s a must for you if you’re a serious manscaper.

Body Hair Trimmers FAQ

Now that we’ve looked at the best beard and body trimmer products on the market, let’s look at some questions you might have about trimmers in general.

Can trimmer be used for body hair?

Although you might think that a beard trimmer can’t be used to cut hair on other parts of your body, that’s not always the case. You actually can use your trusty beard trimmer, although there are some important things to bear in mind.

  • The trimmer needs to have high-quality blades that can handle the different hair that you find on your body. In sensitive areas, such as your armpits, or pubic hair, the hair is much thicker than the hair that grows on your face.
  • The trimmer needs to have a powerful motor so that it can cut hair effectively.
  • It should also have a safety guard in place so that you don’t nick yourself.

In addition to the trimmer specs, you need to ensure you practice good hygiene when using your trimmer on your body to prevent the transfer of germs.

Always make sure that you clean your trimmer well with soap and water after use. It’s a good idea to purchase a waterproof trimmer so that you can clean it without a problem.

If you battle to trim your body hair with a facial trimmer, it’s probably best to purchase a trimmer that’s meant for use on your body. This is because a body grooming trimmer is built a little differently from a beard trimmer.

It will have various attachments that make tackling stubborn body hair more effective, as well as different length settings for a cleaner cut. Most grooming kits can be used as a back shaver too.

Why should I have a standalone body hair trimmer?

The best body trimmer for men usually has multi-purposes. When it comes to personal grooming, you want to be sure that you only need one trimmer that will be able to meet all your needs without you having to purchase other products in order to use it.

As can be seen in our reviews of the best personal grooming trimmers, they tend to come with everything you need, including attachments, to make your manscaping task a lot easier.

A standalone body trimmer can be described as a trimmer that can be used in this way, but it should also enable you to use it in a portable way.

Many of the trimmers we’ve reviewed in this buying guide give you the option to use them in cordless mode, which makes them versatile and user-friendly whenever you want to groom yourself.

They also come with great battery life so that you can use them without needing to plug them into a power source.

Why should you opt for a flexible head?

A flexible head on a body trimmer means that the head can move in different directions. This is good for areas of the body such as the chest where you might not always be able to shave with the grain because the hair grows in different directions.

A flexible head also ensures that the trimmer can give you a more accurate cut because it’s flexible enough to move along the contours of your body.

Now, when manscaping sensitive parts of your body, such as the groin, you will especially require a trimmer that has a flexible head which pivots.

This will ensure that you can move the trimmer up and down to get to those hard-to-reach places without cutting yourself as well as still ensuring you remove all the hair that you don’t want. 

How do I shape my chest hair?

If you have chest hair that you want to shape, you should always avoid shaving it. This can be high-maintenance because you’ll have to do it every day. It’s much better to trim your chest hair.

As GQ reports, the best body groomers are an essential item that will help you to keep your hair at a shorter length and make it easier to maintain. When trimming the hair from your chest, follow these important tips:

  • Start with the longest trim setting so that you don’t cut the hair too short.
  • Cut the against the grain of hair growth, even though this is often said to be a no-no. The reason why you should do this when cutting hair on your chest is because it could be growing in different directions.
  • When trimming, move in a straight direction from the top of your chest all the way down. Be extra careful not to cut yourself when going over your sensitive nipple area.
  • After using a longer length setting, you might find that you still want a shorter cut. Now you can use a shorter guard, but choose the one that’s next in line after the longest setting you started out with. Follow the same “straight and down” cutting rule when trimming as you did with the longer setting.
  • If you have some difficult hairs, you can cut them with a pair of scissors. However, first comb them so that you can straighten and flatten them enough to cut them accurately.
  • If you want to ensure your hair looks natural, avoid cutting it shorter than 0.64cm (which is ¼ inch). You can go a bit longer than this if you like.
  • It’s also important to make sure that the hair on your chest is a similar length to the hair on your arms and even your face, otherwise it might look a bit strange.


If you have body hair you want to eliminate, you need to get your hands on the best body hair trimmer for 2021.

In this article, we’ve featured the best male body groomer, along with four alternatives, in the best body trimmer for men debate.

For example, if you want blades with extra protection, trimmers that are kind to your budget, or grooming trimmers that are highly versatile for a variety of manscaping tasks.

We’ve also answered a few common questions related to body trimmers and how to cut body hair, so that you can ace manscaping from here on out.

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